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The Beasts of Paris

Storytime in Paris podcast:

Gay love stories in historical fiction:

Locations in The Beasts of Paris:

The Book Trail

First visit to Paris:

Irish Daily Mail (PDF file)

Under a Pole Star

Article on writing explicit sex from a feminist perspective

(Time online, 2017)

Interview for podcast DIY MFA
Shiny New Books Q&A  (PDF file)

BBC Radio 4: Woman's Hour

18 November 2016

(interview starts at 9’ 19”)

The Invisible Ones

Tana French interview  (PDF file)
Penguin Reading Group Guide  (PDF file)

Talking about the book - Quercus Q&A  (5'52")

Read a printed version of the Quercus Q&A  (PDF file)

The Independent on Sunday

September 2011

BBC Radio 4: Woman's Hour

29 September 2011

The Independent: One Minute With

August 2011

The Tenderness of Wolves

Book Club for Penguin Canada Q&A

December 2007  (PDF file)

Elle Q&A  (PDF file)

Simon & Schuster interview

on 'The Tenderness of Wolves'  (2'21")

Crime Squad

October 2006

The Guardian

February 2007